After BlackRock: Two More Asset Managers File BTC ETF in US

22. Juni 2023 Aus Von admin

• Two asset managers – Invesco and WisdomTree – resubmitted their filings for the release of a BTC Spot ETF in the US.
• These efforts come a few days after BlackRock filed with the SEC to introduce a BTC Spot ETF in the States.
• Invesco has already introduced a product in Europe called “Invesco Physical Bitcoin” ETN (ticker: BTIC).

Two Asset Managers File to Launch Bitcoin ETF

Nearly a week after BlackRock’s example, two more asset managers – Invesco and WisdomTree – have resubmitted their filings for the release of a Bitcoin Spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States.

Invesco Rejoins The Race

American investment company Invesco, which has over $1.4 trillion of assets under management, reactivated its attempts to launch a Bitcoin Sport ETF in the United States. The company also collaborated with Galaxy Digital on an initial filing back in 2021, though it abandoned intentions to release a Bitcoin Futures ETF at the end of 2021 instead opting for an investment product that allows customers to invest in the primary cryptocurrency based on its actual market price.

Product Already Exists In Europe

Despite still awaiting approval from US regulators, Invesco has already introduced a similar product to Europe; titled „Invesco Physical Bitcoin“ ETN (ticker: BTIC), it provides “physically secured access” to Bitcoin’s performance.

WisdomTree Joins Too

WisdomTree – another American finance giant – filed an application with the SEC similar to that of Invecos‘. As one of America’s largest asset managers, this news is particularly significant as BlackRock had previously been seen as having first-mover advantage when it made its filing last week.


As these events show, there is increasing momentum amongst major financial institutions looking towards capitalising on opportunities within cryptocurrency markets – demonstrating not only growing acceptance but confidence too.