Bitcode Prime and Celebrities

26. Mai 2022 Aus Von admin

Bitcode Prime and Celebrities
The bot is reportedly linked to many celebrities, with businessman Elon Musk and professional footballer Kyllian Mbappé topping the list.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk is the majority shareholder of several large US-based firms. The billionaire is usually linked to crypto-currencies and recently it was at the Bitcode Prime bot that the connection was mentioned. At the time of checking this information, we could find no record of a certain connection.

Kyllian Mbappé
After a successful World Cup with the trophy at stake, it is clear that the image of the young French prodigy Kyllian Mbappé is more valuable than in the past. Rumours of his connection to Bot Bitcode Prime were brushed aside, given that there was no evidence of this. In the end, these were just fabricated allegations.

Conclusion: In Our Opinion, Bitcode Prime Is Not Recommended!

Throughout our investigation, we found that the Bitcode Prime bot was full of inconsistencies. All the shows and celebrities we linked to denied this. The low success rate and the lack of customer service, not to mention the fabricated reviews on the site, do not speak in its favour. It is therefore a software that does not really reassure. It is for this reason that we recommend that you turn to Bitcoin Trader. The latter offers more guarantees because of its advanced security level.


Does Bitcode Prime have a Mobile Version?
The Brexit trader bot is available in a mobile version on all compatible digital devices. You can take advantage of this bot via its app. This app is not at all reliable and its use is not simple either.

How to trade on Bitcode Prime In America?
It is not possible to trade the crypto-currency of your choice via Bitcode Prime if you live in America. The reason is simple, the bot is not yet allowed in this continent.

What are the limitations of Bitcode Prime?

It is noticeable that the navigation on the site is simply indigestible with a very unintuitive interface. The steps to open an investor account are laborious.

Can we trust Bitcode Prime?
Trusting this site means entrusting your earnings to a dubious company that makes no secret of seducing Internet users with abusive advertising.

Which Robot to choose if there is no Bitcode Prime?
There is an alternative called Bitcoin Trader. This platform has won over the market as it is highly regulated and offers various crypto-currencies with an impressive success rate.

Bitcode Prime Review: Scam or Not Our Complete Test

Salomé Martin
Last update: 13 April 2022
On the market, there are a lot of platforms that allow you to do auto trading. It is in this context that Bitcode Prime was born. It is a trading robot that is constantly being talked about.

In this Bitcode Prime Review, we will try to dispel any doubts about this platform. Is Bitcode Prime reliable or a scam? You will find the answer to this question in this guide.