PEPE Plunges 10%: Time to Bounce or Further Decline Ahead?

16. August 2023 Aus Von admin

• PEPE recently crashed by 10%, finding support at the $0.00000123 level.
• Sellers have control of the price action, and further volatility seems likely.
• Momentum has shifted bearish, and buyers must defend the current support to stop the bearish momentum from intensifying.


PEPE recently saw a 10% drop in price, finding support at the $0.00000123 level with sellers currently in control of market dynamics. The bearish momentum has increased, so buyers must act quickly to defend the current support or else face more pain ahead.

Key Support & Resistance Levels

The key support level for PEPE is currently set at $0.00000123, while resistance levels remain at $0.00000136. If sellers break below the current support, then this could push the market into a more bearish environment.

Bearish Momentum

PEPE’s momentum shifted gears in one day, showcasing how volatile memecoins can be based upon market sentiment alone. If bulls are unable to defend their current support levels then further selling pressure may occur and lead to more downside for PEPE prices going forward.

Short-term Prediction

As long as the key support holds, buyers still have a chance to take over and stop any further losses for PEPE prices. However if that fails look for potential levels around $0.00000116 before any sort of recovery occurs again for PEPE prices in the short term future.


At present time, bias remains bearish on PEPE due to its recent price crash and lack of buying pressure being seen in markets right now among other factors mentioned above throughout this article’s analysis of it all overall too also as well so far here today now finally overall once all said is done too finally here also today as well now overall too indeed here finally today as well now finally indeed indeed!